Freshly Whipped Cream

Freshly Whipped Cream




10 min


heavy cream 2 cups
powered sugar 1/2 cup or more if desired
real vanilla 1 -2 teaspoons

Fresh whipped cream is so easy to make! This simple whipped cream can easily be modified to make any drink, dessert, or breakfast a little more special. It is way better than the stuff you can get in a can. Give it a try!


1. Pour your heavy cream into a bowl. Chilled bowls and beaters will whip the cream faster, but it isn’t necessary.

2. Begin to whip the cream. When soft peaks form add in your powdered sugar and vanilla. I don’t like the cream too sweet, but feel free to add more powdered sugar if you desire.

3. Continue to whip until stiff peaks form, but not any longer. You don’t want butter.

4. Serve in coffee, hot chocolate, desserts, crepes, breakfast treats, or just about anything else.

Do you need want the cream to stay whipped for a few days? Add in 1 teaspoon of unflavored gelatin dissolved into 2 to 3 teaspoons of warm water. Then mix it into the cream. It will stay fluffy for a few days in the fridge and can even be used for frosting on cakes.

Did you make too much whipped cream? Dollop it onto a cookie sheet with waxed paper and pop it into the freezer. When it hardens, place the dollops into a freezer bag. When you want a little treat for hot chocolate or coffee, place the frozen dollop into your drink.

Twists on traditional whipped cream:

Swap our vanilla for almond extract or mint extract.

Instead of vanilla, add in a shot of bourbon. This is awesome on pecan pie.

Add a few tablespoons of maple syrup and skip on the vanilla and sugar. Try this on pumpkin pie, French toast, pancakes, or waffles.

Or add a few tablespoons of Nutella and serve with berries for a quick chocolate mousse.

Or add a few tablespoons of lemon curd and serve with berries for a summer treat. This is great with angel food cake too.



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