Quick Chicken Tinga Tacos with Lime Creme

Quick Chicken Tinga Tacos with Lime Creme




10 min


20 min


shredded chicken 2 cups
fire roasted diced tomatoes with garlic- like Hunts 1-14 oz. can
diced chiplote chilies in adobo 1-3 tablespoons
yellow onion-sliced 1 medium
cumin (I like Penzeys.) 1 tablespoon
tortillas 8-10
sliced avocado 2
sliced fresh jalapeno (optional) 1
crumbled Queso Fresco or Feta cheese 1/2 cup
sour cream (I like low-fat Daisy.) 1/4 cup
lime 1
pickled red cabbage (optional)

These Quick Chicken Tinga Tacos with Lime Creme are fresh and bold. They look and taste like they could be from a restaurant, but come together in a few minutes on your stove top for the perfect weeknight meal.


    1. Slice onion and place in a pan with the shredded chicken, the fire roasted diced tomatoes with garlic, cumin, and a few tablespoons of chipolte with adobo sauce. Keep in mind, this is spicy, so if you don’t like spicy things limit this ingredient!
    2. Stir and place the pan over medium heat.  Stirring every few minutes until the sauce become thick and the chicken is hot. This will take about 20 minutes. I used frozen, shredded chicken for this, and no, I did not thaw it first. I just cooked it a little longer to get it hot.
    3. While the chicken mixture cooks, slice the avocado and jalapeno. Set it aside.
    4. Place the tortillas in the oven to warm up for a few minutes. We used flour here, but corn tortillas would also be tasty.
    5. In a bowl combine the sour cream with the juice from half of a lime. You want it a little runny for easy drizzling.
    6. When the chicken is done, put inside your tortilla. Top with your lime creme, avocado, Queso Fresco (Feta is an awesome substitute!), and pickled red cabbage. I used my Fiesta Roja Red Cabbage Curtido from Sobremesa that I found at a Vermont Farmer’s Market, but any pickled red cabbage would work or you could use fresh shredded too for a pop of color.
    7. Enjoy!

Do you have leftover chicken? No problem! Refreeze it for an even quicker meal in the future. Put it in a tortilla and make quesadillas, mix with rice and beans for a rice bowl,  or make nachos.


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