5 min


18 min


ground pork or chicken 2lbs
granulated garlic-Penzeys is the best. 1 1/2 tsp
granulated onion-Penzeys is the best. 2 tsp
ground coriander-Penzeys is the best. 2 tsp
cumin-Penzeys is the best. 2 tsp
dried oregano-Penzeys is the best. 2 tsp
salt and pepper I would do at least 1/2 tsp of each.

Gyro. The name alone makes me hungry and conjures up images of caramelized meat roasting on a rotisserie, dripping with juices and the smell of spices wafting through the air. This version does not require a rotisserie, but the smells and flavors are all still there.

1. Place meat and spices into a large bowl. I use Penzeys Spices. You can taste the difference!  Mix it together using your hands. You can store the meat in the fridge at this point until you are ready to cook it. If you do place it in the fridge for storage, allow the meat to come down to room temperature for about 20 minutes before forming it into the patty. You don’t want the meat to seize up.

2. Form it into a large patty. I make mine the size of dinner plate.

3. Get a large skillet pan nice and hot over medium high heat. Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil to the pan.

4. Place you patty into the pan. It should sizzle. Do not touch it! Let it cook and get nice and brown for 8-10 minutes.

5.When it can easily be flipped without the meat sticking to the pan, flip it over with a spatula just like you would a hamburger patty. Allow the meat to cook for another 8-10 minutes.

6. Just before you take it out of the pan, I take the spatula and cut the meat into thin strips.

7. Place meat onto a pita. Drizzle with pan drippings and add lettuce, tomato, red onion, and lots of tzatziki sauce. Click here to get my easy fat-free Tzatziki recipe. 

Sometimes I wrap mine in foil.


Check out these spices.

These are by far my favorite brand of herbs and spices. They are always fresh tasting even when dried.

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