French Herb Roasted Chicken with Brie Mashed Parsnips and Potatoes

French Herb Roasted Chicken with Brie Mashed Parsnips and Potatoes




10 min


1 min


chicken 2 lbs
softened butter 1 stick plus 2 tbsp
Herbes de Provence (I use Penzeys.) 1 tbsp
minced garlic 2 to 3 cloves
lemon-You will use the zest and juice. 1
sliced onion 1 medium
russet potatoes 2 large
parsnips 2-3
brie cheese with the rind removed 3 oz or more if desired
washed fresh green beans 2 to 3 cups
salt and pepper to taste

French Herb Roasted Chicken with Brie Mashed Parsnips and Potatoes is the perfect Sunday Supper. The Herbes de Provence is a mix of sweet French herbs, flowery lavender, and fennel.  With the added freshness of lemon and lots of butter, this chicken is out of this world flavorful. The creaminess of the brie mashed parsnips and potatoes completes this comforting meal.


    1. Turn your oven to 425 degrees.
    2. Zest your lemon into a bowl saving the ends for later. Slice up your onion.
    3. Add the juice from the lemon to the zest along with the softened butter, minced garlic,  Herbes de Provence, salt and pepper. I hightly recommend Penzeys Spices. I go light on the salt and heavy on the pepper. Stir to combine.

  1. Rub the butter all over your chicken. Make sure you get it under the skin too. This adds lots of flavor to the meat.
  2. Put the onions and lemon ends into a pile in the middle of your baking dish. Put the chicken on top of the pile. Place into the oven.
  3. After about 30 minutes, remove the chicken from the oven and baste it with the pan drippings. Then put it back into the oven. 
  4. Allow the chicken to cook for another 20 minutes.  Then Add your green beans to the baking dish and baste the chicken again.
  5. Cook for 5-10 more minutes until the beans are done to your liking.
  6.  Place the chicken onto a plate. Toss your beans with the now caramelized onions and pan juices.  Set the lemon ends to the side.
  7. Drizzle the pan juices over the chicken. They are filled with all the good flavor bits. Serve with Brie Mashed Parsnips and Potatoes. The recipe follows below.

1. Wash your parsnips and potatoes. Peel only the parsnips. I think potatoes are so much better with the peel still on.

2. Cut everything up as close to the same size as you can so they cook evenly.

3. Place cut parsnips and potatoes into a large sauce pan and cover with cold water. Make sure the pan is big enough to accommodate all the water and vegetables.          You don’t want a boiled over mess on your stove.

4. Place the pan over high heat and bring to a boil. Boil for 20-25 minutes until the parsnips and potatoes are fork tender.

5. Carefully drain the water out of the pan. To make sure I have removed all of the water from the pan, I place the pan, still full of parsnips and potatoes back over a        low heat for about 5 minutes.

6. Add the butter, brie, salt and pepper to your potatoes. Mash with masher. I do this right in the sauce pan over low heat.



7.Taste your mash! Adjust salt and pepper until you get the flavor your desire.

HINT: You can easily make these and leave them over very low heat on the back of your stove until the chicken is finished.


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