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Five on Friday Week 12

This gorgeous leaf picture was taken in the UP of Michigan by my friend Bobbie Blackburn.

The Teacher's Table

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Welcome to Five on Friday Week 12! 

  1. Oktoberfest-We had a wonderful time at Oktoberfest in Cape Coral with our friends. We drank super delicious giant beers, pigged out on schnitzel, brats, sauerkraut, and potato pancakes with apple sauce. We also got black forest cake, apple strudel, and this fluffy almost marshmallow dessert too. We sang toasts,danced the Chicken Dance at our table, and tried miserably to say the name of the beer correctly-schofferhofer. It was a super fun and much needed day!

    Heather and I -PROST!

    Brats with spicy mustard and sauerkraut, giant potato pancakes with apple sauce, and pork schnitzel sandwich on rye bread with mushroom gravy, more sauerkraut, and German potato salad.

    Our dessert. Sorry, I ate the cherry from on top of the cake before the picture was taken. OOPS!

  2. Coffee-So anyone who reads this or knows me, knows that I LOVE coffee. It’s not just for the need of caffeine, it’s the smell and flavor. I love an ice cold coffee with coconut milk. I am totally addicted to Starbucks frappuccinos made with almond milk and cinnamon powder or just coconut milk. Mr. Teacher calls them my coffee shakes and I can drink a venti in about 2 minutes flat. SO GOOD! But now that the weather is cooler I am back to wanting my hot coffee again made in fancy French press that Mr. Teacher got me a few years ago for my birthday.   Well Mr. Teacher found this awesome small craft coffee roasting company called S&W Craft Roasting. Their coffee is AMAZING! They focus on single origin coffees. They’re super polite and helpful. Their website gives you information about the several kinds of coffee they offer. They have a sampler pack that you can try too. I have yet to try a coffee I didn’t like! The company was so kind and generous, that when I received my order this week, they had sent me a few extra kinds to try! I was so excited to get this yummy smelling box in the mail! This week I have been drinking Costa Rica Finca San Luis Black Honey and I absolutely can’t wait to try the rest.

    Look at all this amazing coffee!

    They even wrote me a nice note!

  3. Cooler Weather-Well it finally happened in Florida, it officially feels like fall! This morning it was actually chilly out. I got to wear a super cute long sleeved dress, my favorite burnt orange fringed cardigan, and my cowboy boots. I know I should’ve take a picture, but today was a bit crazy. I might even have to wear a hoodie tomorrow morning because it will only be 66 out. YEA!
  4. Halloween Party-I am really excited that we get to go to a Halloween Party on Saturday night. I can’t wait to play games, see everyone costumes, and hang out with our friends again. We are bringing Demon Eggs to the party. You can find the recipe here. It should be a spooktakular evening! I will post pictures of our costume next week.  
  5. Baked Apple Cider Donuts-Well I said I was going to post the recipe and I like to keep my promises. These donuts are YUMMY! I just bought more cider at Publix too so I can make us another batch. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Baked Apple Cider Donuts




Remember it’s the little things that count! Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to share your top 5 below. Also don’t forget to sign up for weekly emails!

Happy Friday! 


The Teacher's Table

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Five on Friday Week 4

The Teacher's Table

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Welcome to the 4th post of Five on Friday. Every Friday I post a list the top five things that made me happy during the week. It could be anything from a new kitchen tool, new product, new food, recipe success, or maybe just a life event. No matter what it is, I share it with you here every Friday.

1 Compost, Cans, Cartons, and Markers-Last year my class was in charge of the compost bin at school. It was a big hit! I had a group of kiddos that would collect the lunch scraps from the cafeteria on a daily basis to add to the bins. I also had kids from other classes bring in scraps from home that they dropped off every morning. We are using the compost for the school garden which is conveniently located in front of my room.

This week I got to start showing my class how we can help the world and each other by teaching them about the compost and I have also hired my compost stirrers for the quarter. Yes, they must apply for the position. We also have added collecting aluminum cans for the homeless, egg cartons and dried out markers to help out my neighbor’s church. She has found a place to recycle them for money and it donating it to charity. It makes me so happy that I can share this with my class!

In a few months we will do our annual food drive to help out the local food pantry and a then a pet supply drive to benefit local animal shelters. It feels good to give and to teach other’s to give too!

2 Free Coffee-I love my coffee! I feel like every week I deserve to go to Starbucks in the morning and get myself a treat. I have the app with my card that I simply reload when I need to do so. When you spend a certain amount you get a free coffee. This week I had a free one! Woohoo! My new favorite treat is a venti coffee frappucino made with almond milk, and one pump of cinnamon. It isn’t too sweet and tastes like a frozen cookie with caffeine. No this post isn’t sponsored by Starbucks. I just think it’s tasty and it makes me happy, especially when it’s free! You should really try this!!!

3 Weekend Date Day-I am excited because Mr. Teacher and I get to sleep in on Saturday and then we are spending the day in Tampa. We even have tickets to see some monster trucks. I haven’t ever seen monster trucks live, but my dad would take me to demolition derbies and I didn’t hate it. So, I am happy to be getting out of town for the day,trying something new, and getting to spend time with Mr. Teacher. Who knows, maybe I can convenience him to stop in Sarasota to get a peanut butter pie from the Yoder’s Amish Restaurant. Finger’s crossed!

4 Free Chicken-My kitty Turbo hasn’t been feeling to well lately. I have been making him chicken just boiled in a little broth and I give him a little a few times a day. This week a good friend/teammate at work gave me a big container of chicken that her family wasn’t going to eat. Turbo gobbled it up! I broke it up into pieces and froze it so I can easily give him some chicken everyday. Thank you for making my baby happy!

5 Free Natural Coconut-This week one of friends at work gave me a bag of natural coconut she wasn’t planning on using. I do love coconut! As a thank you I’m making my No Bake Chocolate Coconut Bites to share. Click here for the recipe. They are addicting and easy. Oh and did I mention healthy too!

I would love to hear your top five too. Please leave me a comment with your top 5 below. Don’t forget to sign up for the weekly newsletter! 

Let’s spread a little joy and be happy for the little things in life, especially this week! We are all human and have to share this planet together. Violence and hatred solves nothing! Spread joy, love, and peace! Remember one friendly act, a smile, or kind word can change a life!!!

Happy Friday! 

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