Six on Saturday Again


This gorgeous leaf picture was taken in the UP of Michigan by my friend Bobbie Blackburn.

The Teacher's Table

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So usually I do a weekly post on 5 things that made me happy. This week, was of course insane again, so instead of 5 on Friday, I am doing 6 on Saturday. Next week I will be back to normal, hopefully!


      1. 2 More School Days Until Thanksgiving Break-Well we made it through another full week. The kids and the teachers are all in need of a break. Monday and Tuesday will be filled with fun Thanksgiving division and a moon phases project with Oreos. I think will also have to watch some Charlie Brown Thanksgiving during lunch too. We will stay busy, but we are ready for 3:20 on Tuesday!
      2. Pallets-I am so glad that I have several wonderful helpful parents in my class this year. One of them scored our class a bunch of free pallets that we can use to make awesome planters and benches in the school garden. I can’t wait until after the holidays to get started on creating things with the kids.

        Oh the projects we can complete! Thank you Dawn!!!!!

      3. Date Night Last Saturday-Mr. Teacher, our friends and I all really enjoyed our dinner out last Saturday at the Rodizio Grill. We stuffed ourselves on their huge sides bar that had everything from basic salad to shrimp chevichi. Then we tried 14 different kinds of meat including chicken hearts, rattlesnake sausage, and frog legs. It was a wonderful night out.

        The picture is a little fuzzy, but we had a wonderful time!

        Rodizio Grill

      4. Christmas Overalls-After dinner we decided that we needed to go to Target. What else would 3 couples of thirty somethings do on a Saturday night after drinking 3 bottles of wine do? Heather had found these absolutelly adorable overalls. We all decided we needed to purchase them to wear at school during the holiday season. They are so cute and comfy!

        Yes, I’m wearing a birthday hat glittery hat and yes, I am still finding glitter everywhere.

        We can’t wait to wear these to school!

      5. New PJs-As embarrassing as it is,  usually wear a pair of of holey leggings and an old t-shirt with the arms cut off to bed and around the house. It’s very comfy and if I am cooking and something gets splashed on me, I don’t worry about it. So needless to say, some of the shirts were looking a little ragged. I decided to splurge and order a few new pairs of pajamas from Victoria’s Secret. I love them! They are adorable and comfortable too. I will have to be careful when I cook in them but oh well. At least I don’t look completely homeless. You can see them pattern here along with Baby Tootsie who decided to snuggle with mommy. 
      6. Onion Wraps-I am happy that it is almost Thanksgiving and I just got home from crazy, packed Publix with all things I need so I can start prepping for our family’s dinner. One of the things I will start making is Onion Wraps. They are a family tradition. We don’t do holidays without them. They are only 3 ingredients and super easy to prep ahead of time. If you make them with low-fat cream cheese they are too horrible for you either. We all love the crunchy spicy onions, with the creamy cream cheese, and the salty dried beef. My mouth is watering already. I just might have to make a few to tide me over until Thursday. You can find the recipe here too. Onion Wraps.

        Remember it’s the little things that count! Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to share your top 5 below. Also don’t forget to sign up for weekly emails!

Happy Saturday and Happy Thanksgiving!


The Teacher's Table

Receive Blog Posts via Email!

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