Pimento Cheese, Jalapeno, and Bacon Burger

Pimento Cheese, Jalapeno, and Bacon Burger




10 min


10 min


80/20 hamburger 1 lb
pimento cheese 1/4 to 1/2 cup depending on how much you slather on the bun.
hamburger buns 2 to 4 depending on how many burgers you are making.
cooked bacon -See my oven baked recipe! 6 to 8 pieces
Worcestershire sauce 1/2 tsp
cayenne pepper 1/4 tsp
butter or bacon fat to spread on buns about 1 tablespoon
Optional, but highly recommended: sliced fresh jalapeno, tomato, and red onion

The Teacher's Table

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This thick, meaty burger is topped with smokey bacon, spicy jalapenos, and oozes with creamy pimento cheese filling. Totally delectable!

  1. Place hamburger in a mixing bowl with the Worcestershire sauce, pimento cheese and cayenne pepper. Mix with your hands until everything is combined.
  2. Form the meat into equal sized patties (making 2 or 4). I like to make a small divot on the top of my burgers so that they cook up flat. Also, I like them to be wide enough that they fill up the bun when they are cooked so I make them a bit larger in diameter than the buns. If you are making these for a get-together, you can make the burgers up to this point and refrigerate them until about 10 minutes before you cook them.

This brand has become my “go to” when I make this burger.

These are monster 1/2 pound burgers. You can make 4-1/4 pound burgers with the same recipe. You just won’t have to cook the burgers as long.

3. Allow the meat to rest on a plate while you toast the buns. These buns were spread with a little bacon fat and toasted in a frying pan on top of the stove for about 2 minutes on medium heat. Check out my recipe for Oven-Baked Bacon. .

Make the buns nice and toasty by spreading them with a little bit of butter, or my splurge bacon fat, then toasting them! I keep some of the fat from bacon in the fridge and use it too add a bit more bacon goodness.

4. Set buns aside and place your burgers in the same frying pan you just used to toast the buns. Keep the heat medium to medium high. Once you place the burgers in the pan, leave them alone. Do not move them around or press down on them. The meat needs to get yummy and caramelized. Cook for about 6 minutes and then flip. Cook for about 6 more minutes or until the burgers are done to your liking.

DO NOT PRESS THEM DOWN!!! These could also very easily be cooked on a grill. The same times and instructions apply.

I like to slather a tablespoon or 2 on the bun before serving so they are extra cheesy.

5. Remove from pan and on your toasted pimento cheese slathered bun. Top with cooked bacon, jalapeno, red onion and tomato.

6. Get out extra napkins and serve!

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