Oven-baked Bacon

Oven-baked Bacon




5 min


25 min


bacon (I like Smith-field thick cut or the stuff from the butcher shop.) 1 package

This is by far the easiest and most effective way to get crispy, perfect bacon every time. I cook up an entire package and keep it in the fridge so it can quickly be used all week long.

  1. Turn on your oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Spread an entire package of bacon out onto your baking stone  or baking sheet.

3. Place bacon in the oven and leave it alone for at least 20 minutes. At this             point start checking it every few minutes until it reaches your desired                 crispiness.

4. When bacon is done, remove it from the baking stone  and wrap it in paper towel to remove the excess fat. Serve now or store in a sealed container for future use. If you are removing from the fridge to serve warm, simply lay it in a hot pan for 30 seconds to a minute to warm it back up.

I do pour off some of the fat left on the baking stone and reserve it in the refrigerator for future uses.

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