Guilt-Free Strawberry Shake

Guilt-Free Strawberry Shake




5 min


frozen strawberries 2 cups
milk-I use skim 3 cups
honey 1/2 cup
vanilla 2 tsp

Sometimes you just need a milk shake. On a hot day, nothing tastes better than this cold, frothy, strawberry filled shake.

  1. Place frozen strawberries (This will not work with fresh.) in your Ninja or blender.
  2. Drizzle the honey all over the berries. If you put in all in a clump it can stay that way.
  3. Add the milk and vanilla.
  4. Blend until it is frothy and thick.

I can’t imagine making a blended beverage without this Ninja. It works perfectly every single time!



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  1. Avatar
    Juanita 3 years ago

    Stawberries are the best! This is great for breakfast I used kerfir instead of milk extra filling!

    • Yes, kefir is great in this, but I use milk if when I am making it for Mr. Teacher.

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