Summer Risotto

Summer Risotto




10 min


30 min


Rice-arborio is traditional, but I used brown basmati. 2 cups
vegetable broth 4-5 cups
milk-I used skim. 1 cup
ricotta-I used low-fat. 1 cup
shredded Parmesan 1 cup plus more for garnish if desired
fresh or frozen chopped asparagus 1/2 lb
fresh cut from the cob corn or frozen corn 2 cups
diced red bell peppers 1/2 cup
small diced shallot fresh or dried like Penzeys 3 tbsp
minced garlic 2 cloves
butter 3 tbsp
salt and pepper to taste
garnish with fresh torn basil, toasted pine nuts, and shredded Parmesan if desired

This creamy, cheesy, and filled with veggies Summer Risotto is a wonderful vegetarian summer meal. It’s perfect for Meatless Mondays!

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    1. Remove your vegetables from the freezer or clean them and cut them up so they are ready to go into the risotto. If you are using fresh asparagus, I recommend bringing a sauce pan filled with salted water to a boil and quickly blanching your asparagus for about 30 seconds before placing it into ice water to cool. This will partially cook it and reserve the bright green color.
    2. Put your stock into a sauce pan with the milk over low heat.
    3. Use a large skillet. Put your butter, shallots and garlic over medium low heat and lightly toast them.


    1. Add your rice to the skillet. Stir it around to mix it evenly with the butter, shallots, and garlic. You want to toast the rice a bit as well. I know arborio rice is traditional in risotto, but I only had brown basmati and it worked great! 


    1. Begin to ladle 1/2 to 3/4 cups of stock to your skillet and stir it into the rice. Risotto is all about stirring and slowly incorporating the liquids into the rice to create a creamy texture.
    2. Continue to add the broth, stirring every minute or so, until you get to a creamy consistency and the rice is tender. This will take about 30 minutes.  Keep in mind you might not need all of the broth. Sometimes I have a 1/2 cup or so left over. 


    1. Add your ricotta and Parmesan cheese. Stir it until it is melted and combined.
    2. At this point, add your corn, red peppers, and asparagus to the risotto. 
    3. Taste the risotto and add your desired amount of salt and pepper. I always go light on the salt and heavy on the pepper.

  1. Serve garnish with fresh torn basil, toasted pine nuts, and shredded Parmesan cheese. HINT: You can toast the pine nuts in a small skillet over medium high heat. They will toast up nicely in a minute or two. Do not forget to stir them constantly while they are toasting and watch them closely. They can burn quickly. I always add them to this because Mr. Teacher loves pine nuts!

Got a little risotto left over? Add an egg, 1/2 a cup or so of Parmesan cheese, form them into patties, and coat them in panko bread crumbs. Bake them in the oven at 425 degrees until the outside is crispy and the inside is hot, about 20 minutes.

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The Teacher's Table

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