Halloween Treats for Kids and Kids at Heart

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. The weather is a little cooler, pumpkins and apples are everywhere, and you get to be creative thinking of fun things to dress up as or make. Even though I do not have kids of my own, I still like to get into the Halloween spirit. Mr. Teacher and I decorate our house, make Halloween themed food, pass out candy to the neighborhood kiddos, and come up with fun treats for my 4th grade class.

This year I wanted to come up with something for my class that wasn’t super spooky. Some of students are fearing Halloween,, but I didn’t want to not make them something a little special. I found these super cute Campfire Pumpkin Marshmallows at Publix, along with some Pumpkin Spice Cheerios, and Brach’s Autumn Mix Candy Corn. I decided to make treat bags for my class using these cute wax paper bags. I printed out address labels to seal the bags shut. These treat bags didn’t cost a lot or take a lot of time to make, but my students will love these when I pass them out on Wednesday. You could also make these super cute bags to give out before Thanksgiving!



Last weekend while shopping at Publix, I happened to walk past the cheese isle and discover these two Halloween themed cheeses. I instantly decided to purchase them to make a Halloween Harvest Cheese Board for us to much on while we passed out candy. I wandered around the store looking for inspiration. I thought we would need lots of garlic flavored items to keep the vampires away and the blood red beet chips would pop next to the Frankenstein cheese (It’s really a basil infused Gouda.). I knew I had other items at home I could use to round out the cheese board, so I went home to create my master piece.

Along with the items I had purchased from Publix, I added pumpkin seeds, sun-dried tomatoes, Siracha Spiced Emerald Cashews, Lindsey’s Natural Green Olives, baby carrots, dried cranberries, and sliced apples. Pepperoni or salami would have been great on here too! I highly recommend the basil Gouda on the Fire Roasted Triscut. The beet chips were also amazing dipped into spicy Arla Cream Cheese. The Transylvania Cave cheese was super yummy with the Garlic Triscuts and the apples. I think it turned out pretty cute! Of course you add in some plastic spiders and cobwebs or even googly eyes to make it more spooky. I also think you could use this same idea for a Thanksgiving Appetizer because this cheese board was very tasty. I just wouldn’t say it was Frankenstein Cheese.

Some other ideas you might want to check out for this week are Demon Eggs with Avocado & Beets and Halloween Cheesy Monster Eyeballs. 


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