Five on Friday Week 15

These gorgeous flowers were on my desk on my birthday from Mr. Teacher. They are so pretty!

The Teacher's Table

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Welcome to Five on Friday Week 15!

My birthday was pretty great this year! I just want to say a great big thank you to everyone who made it special!

1.Birthday Flowers- I received some really beautiful flowers on my desk from Mr. Teacher. I LOVE getting flowers at work! It is wonderful to have them sitting on my desk and getting to tell everyone that Mr. Teacher is so awesome for getting them for me. I have been enjoying them all week and I will bring them home today to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

This was so fun and a great way to start our Thursday!

2. Two Birthday Cakes-At the beginning of every school year, we draw names for birthdays. We get a cake for that person and we have a little celebration during on of numerous meetings. It’s always very nice. Not only did I get to share a cake with everybody on the day of my birthday, my wonderful friend Beth got me another cake and pumpkin donuts to have today in a small morning celebration. Heather brought the Starbucks and Chex Mix. It was a sugary, fun filled way to start the day! 

3. Jingly Cat Ears-Heather and Katherine got me the cutest pair of red and green jingly cat ears. We have been watching numerous students at school wear various styles of cat ear headbands for weeks now and kind of making fun of the trend. It was hilarious to get a pair of my own. Of course I wore them all day! And I will also wear them tomorrow with my Grinchy shirt to celebrate Grinch Day. The kids really got a kick out of my cat ears too! 

4. Thoughtful Gifts-There were so many thoughtful gifts this year. My mom got me a pretty new Alex and Ani bracelet to add to my collection and my most favorite Zesty Bread and Butter Amish Pickles. I received several new shower gels, body spays, and lotions, and some awesome, new, and desperately needed, spatulas that say “For the love of food” on the bottom. I even received a few gift cards which were a wonderful surprise.

5.Favorite Gift– In case you didn’t know I love spicy food and I am collector of hot sauces. I think we probably have about 30 kinds in the refrigerator at any given moment. My favorite thing was a glass gallon jug of Garlic Tabasco Sauce with my name printed on the label from Mr. Teacher. This hot sauce is amazing!!! I can’t ever seem to find it anywhere though. Now I have a whole gallon to enjoy.  I will have to figure out some way to pour it out of the huge bottle. Any ideas? I want to save the bottle too. In addition, he also got me a small bottle of Raspberry Chipolte Sauce to try for something different. I’m not ashamed to say I shook a few drops into my mouth as soon as I opened it and it was delicious! 

Remember it’s the little things that count! Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to share your top 5 below. Also don’t forget to sign up for weekly emails!

Happy Friday! Merry Christmas!!!

And thank you everyone again for making my birthday special!


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The Teacher's Table

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