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I LOVE fruit tarts! I could seriously eat them nearly everyday. They aren’t too terrible for you and they are filled with fresh fruit. They are super expensive to buy at the store and a much more cost effective option is to bake them yourself. Until I received these tart pans, I never could make them because I didn’t have the extra money to spend on the pans, but now that I have these pans, I am a tart making fool!


I am so glad that my very good friend Heather introduced me to her boyfriend’s mama.  When this lovely lady was cleaning out her house she stumbled across an assortment of kitchen supplies, including numerous tart pans, and thought of me. I decided to immediately put the tart pans to good use. I had an assortment of summer fruit and craving that would not quit. I will be paying her back for her generosity with some lovely tarts.

In my first attempt at making tarts, I created this recipe. If you would like the recipe for this delightful fresh fruit tart with almond cream, just follow the link here-Almond Fruit Tart.  The tart is packed with assorted summer fruit  and is as gorgeous as it is delicious. It is also gluten free. The tarts come together without much effort at all.

I am currently in the process of making a chocolate strawberry tart and some tarts with fall flavors. Sign up for the newsletter to get these recipes when they are published.

The Teacher's Table

Receive Blog Posts via Email!

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The Teacher's Table

Receive Blog Posts via Email!

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  1. Avatar
    CourtKramer 7 years ago

    That peach and strawberry tart looks delicious! I’ve always wanted to start making tarts as well but have never invested in the proper pans.

  2. Avatar
    Neely Moldovan (@Neelykins) 7 years ago

    So nice that she gave you such cool stuff!

  3. Avatar
    Courtney Klimka 7 years ago

    Ooh that tart looks so delicious! I love almond flavours so the almond cream sounds right up my alley!

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