Super Bowl Sunday Starters

The Teacher's Table

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This simple Green Chili Chicken Cheese Dip is super yummy! It comes together in less than 10 minutes, uses only one dish, and is easy to transport. It’s perfect for the Super Bowl or any other get-together.

I will be making this Super Bowl Sunday for Mr. Teacher and myself to snack on while we watch the big game in our pjs while sitting on the couch with our kitties. This has become our Super Bowl tradition. While we do not agree who on who should win the Super Bowl this year, but we do agree this dip is delicious!

So whether you are cheering for the Patriots like Mr. Teacher or if you’re just hoping that the Eagles can take them down a notch, you need to try this Green Chili Chicken Cheese Dip this Sunday.



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The Teacher's Table

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  1. oh my goodness all of these look amazing and def what ill be making for our party this sunday!

  2. Avatar
    Julie 6 years ago

    This dip looks so yummy! I love your SB tradition. We used to go to parties but we really just like staying home and watching it. Well mostly the commercials. Enjoy the game! I hope your team wins.

  3. Avatar
    Jessy 6 years ago

    This looks so good! Definitely looking forward to the Super Bowl which also means lots of yummy food! #GoEagles

  4. Avatar
    Krystin 6 years ago

    These snacks look delicious! Hope you enjoy the Super Bowl!

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