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About 10 years ago, I had the chance to visit Jamaica for 3 days. It was a whirl wind trip. I remember how friendly and fun the people were. I remember the blueness of the water and beauty of the mountains. I remember drinking way to much rum punch. But most of all I remember the food.

Oh the food!!!! I had never had jerk chicken like that before. I had tried it a few times before my trip, but never really liked it. This jerk chicken was different however, and oh so very delicious! I ordered it everywhere  I went. I couldn’t get enough of the sweet, spicy, not exactly hot, juicy chicken.  Right before I left I purchased some jerk seasoning. When I returned home I went on mission to recreate that same flavorful, finger licking,  jerk chicken. I think I have come pretty close.

My recipe is easy! It isn’t overly hot because you can always add heat, but you can’t take it away. You don’t want to serve something to a guest and have them not be able to taste anything. It is full of spices. The marinade hits all of your taste buds. It’s tangy and bright with a hint of sweet. I serve the jerk chicken with extra slices of habenero peppers, roasted bell peppers and onions, and creamy coconut mango rice. For a little extra kick, Mr. Teacher and I like to add some hot sauce too.

Habanero Mango Medium Hot Sauce

I’m currently crushing on this slightly sweet hot sauce. It’s the perfect compliment for jerk chicken.

Click to order your  Mango Habanero Hot Sauce.

You can easily make this on the grill for a barbecue, but honestly I like to pop mine in the oven. It like how the juices from the meat mingle with the peppers and onions. I like how the house fills with smell of spices making your mouth water and your stomach growl. I like how you can pour the pan drippings over the completed dish for extra flavor too. Are you hungry yet? Give my Jerk Chicken with Coconut Mango Rice a try and let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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