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Welcome back to Five on Friday where I post a list of the top five things that made me happy during the week. I know it has been three weeks since I have posted this, but I am finally back! 


  1. Disney with family- My mom’s birthday is in September. She requested months ago that we go to Disney for 2 days to celebrate. We did 3 parks in 2 days. We rode every ride! We stayed open to close both days and spent 1 night at the All Star Movies Resort. It was really fun to go with my nephews who are just about 3 years old. They like to ride the rides now and we were having a blast dancing and singing while we waited in line. I am a little sleepy, but it was worth it!

Riding Small World

2. Matching Shirts-My mom has always wanted up to wear matching shirts with our names on them when we go to Disney. We have lots of tee shirts that are the same, but nothing with names. I thought it would be the perfect surprise for our trip. I had everything all planned out, then Irma hit. The shirts I ordered didn’t get here in time, I didn’t have access to my friend at work who was going to help me, and I certainly wasn’t going to bother someone about making the shirts after a hurricane. We also didn’t have internet so I couldn’t print anything off of etsy. I had to have them for mom’s birthday! So, I decided to get creative. I ordered some supplies from Amazon (Thank God you can shop on your phone!) and set down to work with what I had. I don’t think they turned out half bad and mom loved them!








3. Back to work-I am excited to go back to work tomorrow. The students do not come back until Monday, but we have a day to plan and get stuff back together before their arrival. I have missed my class!

4. Inspiration at Epcot-I love bao buns! I have had them numerous times out in restaurants and Epcot has this really yummy version with duck in hoisin sauce featured in their China Booth during the food and wine festival. They were so yummy I just wanted more, but I didn’t have any room in my belly and today I am back home. So as tired as I am, I decided that I would try to duplicate the recipe at home today with what I had in the fridge and pantry. I was not about to go to the grocery store. I didn’t have fresh cilantro or green onions for the top, but I did have hoisin,pork chops, and a hundred spices to work with. So I found a few recipes for the steamed buns, figured out a dough that would work, created a steamer out of a metal strainer and stock pot, and blended up some 5-spice powder. I would say that they turned out pretty well! I’m going to perfect the recipe in the upcoming weeks and I will have it up soon.

5. Generous and Kind People-I am so happy that people are willing to help with my upcoming Disaster Relief Drive that will benefit the animal shelters in Lee County. I usually do a food and blanket drive for the animals before the holidays, but right now they are in desperate need of help! I can not stand to see animals in need. It is so heartbreaking! My dear friend and co-worker Janet, got me a phone number today of a group that needs help. I contacted them and they really need cat and dog food, litter, puppy pads, and toys. My principal is also willing to help and for us to use our school as a collection area for the items. My wonderful sisters are already starting to stock up on stuff needed for this drive. FYI cat food is bogo at Publix this week!

Then tonight my sister had a friend of hers in Indiana that is also a teacher contact me. She wants her class to do a drive to help the schools impacted by Irma. This is so kind and generous as well! I will be working in the upcoming days to find out what is needed in the schools. I know our school wasn’t severally damaged, but others were. Supplies are expensive and teachers do not get paid very much money.

The hurricane was awful, but at least it is bringing people together and bringing out the best in each of us. If you would like to help the Lee County Animal Shelters or Lee County Schools please email me and I will get you the information. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

What has made you smile this week? I would love to hear your top five too. Please leave me a comment with your top 5 below. Don’t forget to sign up for the weekly newsletter! 

Happy Friday! 

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The Teacher's Table

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  1. Avatar
    Shannon Morscheck 7 years ago

    So envious you got to go to Disney! We just went there in May with our fam for the first time and it was SO magical!

  2. Avatar
    Lauren Becker 7 years ago

    I do love that after horrific things happen – like the hurricanes – people come together to help complete strangers. It’s beautiful.

    I’m glad you had fun in Disney. I’d love to go back! Hopefully soon. I think your t-shirts turned out great.


  3. what a great way to express your daily gratitude. I love this! and Disney!

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