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Easy Valentine’s Treats

Valentine’s Day is Thursday. I can hardly believe it. Mr. Teacher and I spend Valentine’s Day at home. I cook us up a nice meal and little dessert. Usually we eat by candle light at the table and even have a little sparkling wine or juice to make it fancy.

This year I am in the middle of trying to use up all the stuff in our fridge, freezers, and pantry, so I have no idea what I am even making for dinner, but I have dessert all figured out. Mr. Teacher loves my easy Chocolate Mousse. I always try to keep the ingredients on hand. There are only 2 of them after all.

To make it a little extra special this year, I made some easy Whip Cream Hearts to go on the side of the mousse. I made them today and they are resting comfortably on a plate in the freezer until Thursday roles around. I originally got this idea from Rachael Ray Magazine. They did an article on how to make frozen whip cream for hot chocolate. It was so cute, I had to copy it.

You can get both of the easy recipes below.  May you all have  a Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Chocolate Mousse

Whip Cream Hearts



The Teacher's Table

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