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This gorgeous leaf picture was taken in the UP of Michigan by my friend Bobbie Blackburn.

The Teacher's Table

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So usually I do a weekly post on 5 things that made me happy. This week, was of course insane, so instead of 5 on Friday, I am doing 6 on Saturday.

Next week I will be back to normal, hopefully! 


      1. 7 School Days Until Thanksgiving Break-Well this week was a little crazy at work and I am super glad that today is Saturday. My fellow teachers and I are exhausted. We love our jobs, but we haven’t had a day off in weeks. We have done report cards, and interims, and clubs, and after school, and school programs, and pictures, and book fairs. The list in never ending! My friend Jenny pointed out that we have only 7 more days of teaching before we get a small break for Thanksgiving. I am ecstatic! I can’t wait for a few days of relaxation and Thanksgiving is one of my very most favorite days of the year. Image result for image of teachers needing a break
      2. Stranger Things-Well Mr. Teacher and I completed season 2 of Stranger Things on Netflix. We did limit ourselves to only 2 episodes a night, which was very hard to do If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend doing a refresher of season one first. I really wish we would have done that, but we were so excited to finally watch season 2. It was awesome! Now we have the long wait until season

    1. Groupon Deals -We love Groupon and get discounts on all kinds of entertainment, restaurants, and items all of the time.  A few weeks ago we bought a Groupon for a new Brazilian Place called Rodizio Grill at Coconut Point. I just got another deal for Tijuana Flats this morning which I know will come in handy on busy nights. I hate paying full price when you save money! Check out Groupon if you haven’t  already done so!
    2. Date Night-We shared the Groupon information about the Rodizio Grill with a few of our friends and tonight we all get to dress up and have nice dinner. I am very excited to try every type of meat and yummy looking item on their side bar. Plus each couple gets a bottle of wine with the Groupon, it was a very good deal and we get to enjoy some much needed friend/couple time. Rodizio Grill
    3. Publix Deals-I love to go grocery shopping most days. It is relaxing to walk down the aisles inspecting the fruits and vegetables, and talking with other costumers and employees. I enjoy trying the food samples and getting recipe ideas as well. My favorite thing about Publix though is the weekly BOGO sales. I always check them out on Thursday via the app. I get even more excited when items I need are BOGO and have money back on IBOTTA or Checkout 51. This week Publix had some awesome deals to help you get ready for the holidays. I stocked up on BOGO peanuts, grape jelly, Ferrero Rocher, bacon, and pork chops. BOGOs are great!
    4. BOGO Pork means Smothered Pork Chops-I love this simple and yummy pork chop dinner. After a crazy week and getting pork chops on sale, I decided that these pork chops would make the perfect Friday night meal. You can check out the recipe by following the link. I know you will love them as much as we do.                                                                 
      Remember it’s the little things that count! Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to share your top 5 below. Also don’t forget to sign up for weekly emails!

Happy Saturday! 


The Teacher's Table

Receive Blog Posts via Email!

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    Amanda 7 years ago

    Groupon Deals are the best! 🙂

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