Peach and Pistachio Salad

Peach and Pistachio Salad




10 min


arugula or other peppery lettuce about 4 cups
peaches, nectarines, or apricots about a cup chopped
pistachios 1/2 cup
goat or feta cheese 4 oz.
balsamic vinegar 1/4 cup+6
peach or apricot jam 1/4 cup
cracked pepper to taste (optional)

This is a simple and delicious summer salad!

  1. Wash and prep your fruit and arugula.
  2. Combine your fruit, nuts, and cheese with the arugula.
  3. Put your jam and vinegar in a bowl or container with a lid. Stir or shake to combine.
  4. Serve the dressing on the side or toss with the other ingredients.
  5. Serve with cracked black pepper if desired.


*Use peaches or apricots instead of nectarines. All of them are delicious. I just love nectarines because you don’t have to peel them.

*Use any nuts or seeds in place of pistachios. I just like their green color.

* I like to use soft goat cheese or fat-free feta in this.

*You can totally use apple cider vinegar or rice wine vinegar in place of balsamic if you desire.

*Try to us a jam that doesn’t have a ton of chunks for easier mixing.

*Add cooked chicken, turkey, pork, or salmon to make this a meal.



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