Curry Chicken Naan-wich with Mango Chutney

Curry Chicken Naan-wich with Mango Chutney




10 min


15 min


chicken breast 1 lb
yogurt 1/2 cup
curry powder 1 tablespoon
Patak's Mango Chutney 1/4-1 cup
naan bread 4 pieces
optional toppings-lettuce, sliced red onion, jalapenos

Curry Chicken Naan-wiches with Mango Chutney are a family favorite. They are super easy, healthy, and colorful with explosive, fresh flavors. I use my favorite Penzeys Curry Powder and Patak’s Mango Chutney to make these extra special.

  1. Cut your chicken into bite sized chunks. Place them in a container with a lid or baggie.
  2. Mix your yogurt and curry powder with the chicken. I used low-fat Greek yogurt and my favorite Penzeys Curry Powder. Pop this mixture into the fridge to marinate for anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 days. The longer it sits, the more flavor it will have.                                                                                                               
  3. When you’re ready, put your chicken into a pan and cook over medium -high heat for about 15 minutes. Stir a few times to make sure all the sides of the chicken are cooked. You’ll know when it’s done with the chicken turns a deep mustardy color. 
  4. While the chicken is cooking, heat your naan up in the oven on low for a few minutes so it becomes soft and cut up your onions, jalapenos, and lettuce. I like to use pretty red onions, a mix of green and red jalapenos, and leafy lettuce. This naan-wich is beautiful and colorful! All of these are optional ingredients. I like things spicy. If you don’t, simply don’t use the jalapenos. 
  5. When the chicken is done, spread the naan with the mango chutney. Patak’s is the best! It’s super flavorful. They have a spicy and a sweet mango chutney. Either will work and we keep both in the fridge. Fill the naan with the chicken, top with lettuce, onions, and jalapenos. Fold and devour!  



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