Asian Coleslaw

Asian Coleslaw




10 min


shredded cabbage and carrots or coleslaw mix 4-5 cups or 1 bag
sliced scallions or chives 1/4 cup
diced red onion 1/4 cup
sliced red bell pepper 1/2 to 1 cup
rice vinegar 1/2 cup
sesame oil 3 tablespoons
sugar 2 tablespoons
black and white sesame seeds-optional as much as desired

This fresh, light, colorful, and crunchy coleslaw is super easy to prepare and incredibly flavorful. It is wonderful addition to any meal and travels well if you need to take it to a BBQ.

  1. This is so easy! Put everything in a bowl and mix. Let sit for about 10 minutes. Voila! Asian Coleslaw. 

This will keep for a few days, but I recommend eating it the day you make it.

Try this slaw on top of my Chinese Five Spice Pork Burgers!


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